Frequently Asked Questions

A- Can I purchase items on the website even if I am not a caterer or restaurant owner?

Tzanet is dedicated and committed to providing the best possible purchase experience for not only caterers and restaurant owners but also individual consumers. In fact, our customer base is extremely varied ranging from Canadian users to worldwide consumers and caterers.  As a result, we encourage and invite everyone from restaurateurs to home owners to visit and sign up to our site to discover our wide range of products and benefit from promotions and sales.

B- I want to buy a product online, but I don't want to pay shipping and handling fees! Can I come pick up the product myself?

Tzanet offers its clients the best purchasing options on the market. As such, our checkout policy includes not only different FedEx delivery options for different budget ranges and time preferences, but our company also gives you the opportunity to pick up your product at our warehouse located at 1375 Rue Louvain Ouest. This is particularly useful for caterers already possessing a transportation network and available delivery trucks. It is also important to note that some items and articles are only available for in store pick up; we recommend verifying the product description to make sure your selected products can be shipped or if they should be picked up. In the event of having a cart that includes shippable product and pick up only items, please note that no additional shipping or delivery fees will be added to your bill for the “pick up only” products. (i.e. shipping cost applies only to the shippable items in your cart.)

C- Some products that I know are available in store do not appear on the website?

Tzanet is at the forefront of providing customers with top quality kitchen and restaurant equipment. Boasting brands such as Victorinox, Vollrath, Libbey, Steelite and many others, Tzanet is the place to go for all your diversified kitchen needs. However, with quite an array of products, we are working as hard and fast as we can to input all of our products on the website. In the event of not finding your product online, we invite you to send us an invoice using the contact us page (link at the top right) or contact us directly by phone, at which point a salesman will be happy to answer your questions.

D- If I have questions regarding an item on the site can I contact a salesperson directly online? How long will the response take?

If you have a particular inquiry, question or comment that you would like to submit, we encourage and invite you to get in touch with us using the contact us page (top right menu) giving you the opportunity to send a detailed description of your inquiry to one of our salesperson. Although response times may vary depending on your problem, our specialized salesmen will be sure to find a solution for you as quickly as possible.

E- I ordered a product that showed some accessories on its product image. Are these accessories also included in the purchase?

Some of our product images may depict colors, and accessories not included in the purchase. We invite you to mind our product descriptions as they most likely will detail any included accessories or any particular product color. In the event of confusion or questions you can always contact us though the “Contact Us” page.

F- I love Tzanet and the products offered and I would like to have a social media feed from the company. Is there a social media platform?

If you want to stay up to date with Tzanet and learn more about our promotions and deals, we invite you to stay connected though our Facebook page, where you will find the latest news on our seasonal deals, potential rebates and coupons and much much more… 


When browsing our diversified and and unique website, you may find products without a retail price with a "contact us for pricing" prompt or without a cart ordering box. Because these product prices may differ depending on customers and because we would like to keep buyers and suppliers integrity and security, we require customers to first contact us by email using the contact us page (while specifying the contact us department) to get the exact quote and discuss potential delivery constraints before placing their order. From then, customers will be able to purchase the items like any other on the website after which Tzanet will apply the item price to your bill


All though Tzanet offers the same product pricing online and in store, customer should be aware that shipping processes differ especially for heavy units and equipments. Online orders are subject to FREE SHIPPING OVER $75 because no auxiliary service are included given that shipping is usually carried out using the Fedex carrier and deliveries will most likely be left at the door. By contrast, warehouse purchases will include orders being transported to the location, carried inside the house or restaurant, unpacked, and placed at the preffered site with all the minor installation required (note that Tzanet doesn't carry out full installations of equipment items). As such, additionnal shipping and handling fees will be associated to warehouse purchases as to cover the transportation, unpackaging, and placement of items at the preffered location or site. We invite customers purchasing equipment or heavy units in store to contact us using the "contact us" email form to get a shipping quote for their equipment purchases.


It is important for customers to provide us with their phone numbers upon registration as to allow us to contact them in person in the event of delivery constraints and/or payment issues...Moreover, Tzanet reserves the right to contact customers directly by phone in the event of purchases of large equipment such as refrigerators, grills, coolers...